The First 14 Days

Below is the story of the first 14 days as originally recorded.  The blog entries that followed, and current updates, can be viewed on “Jeff’s Memory Lives On Through All of Us”

Updated to Site 08-08-12  8:00pm

  • My beloved friends and family.  I could not end today without writing to all of you.  This will not be the last post, of that I guarantee.  So much to say; so very much to say to all of you.  I will need to keep it short tonight (guess that didn’t happen), but please monitor this site in the days to come.
  • First I want to say that the reports that Blue has not been found yet are true.  The deputies will conduct a thorough search during the recovery process to see if he can be found.  It would be a true miracle if he was able to survive.
  • The tragic conclusion of our 14 day search came to an end today, and we now start the healing process by celebrating Jeffeffrey’s life and the wonderful memories he brought to each of us.   And no, I didn’t typo his name, that is what I called my big brother.  He called me Danny and I welcome everyone to do the same.  It will warm my heart.
  • Many of you have been through this from day one; others joined in later; and I will write more in coming days of what your efforts have meant to me and my family.  But for tonight I want to tell you my thoughts.
  • Jeff’s passing is tragic, horrific, a parent’s, brother’s and sister’s worst nightmare.  And the last 14 days of the unknown and fearing that the unknown may last for years was something I would wish on no one.  But we were lucky my friends.  We did find Jeff.  And the horror of “not knowing” that could have lasted forever, has been ended.
  • The comfort in all of this; the good that I see coming from what we have all been through, is immeasurable.  Jeff’s death was no doubt instantaneous.  The 14 days of efforts, while being the longest and most incredibly hard days of our lives, of my life, have also been the most rewarding.  Everyone who came to the call without question; without hesitation; without concern for expense or sleep.  The compassion I witnessed from people I love dearly, from family I haven’t seen in two decades, from total strangers I have never met, but plan to.  The love you all had for my brother, whether you knew him or not; for me and my family; seeing whole towns and communities come together; volunteer pilots, the law enforcement officials who went above and beyond their call of duty; the press who helped spread the word in a professional and accurate manner; the people who placed decency and morality above the letter of the law if necessary; and the last day efforts of the wonderful volunteers of the AZ CAP and the man who made that happen.  I am glad you were able to give us your all in the end.  You all will be in our hearts forever.
  • My special tribute tonight goes out to Robert Cooper and the entire team of Superstition Search & Rescue. You have been a 24/7 force of hope for us since you first found us through a FaceBook posting and contacted me the evening of 7-31, 6 days  after Jeff’s disappearance (God bless you FB posters; still don’t know how to use it though). I don’t know if I would have been able to make it 14 days without your help and inspiration to continue the investigation and search for as long as we did.  You’re a true friend Robert, and a great man.
  • We had already set up a foundation to collect funds for SSAR on behalf of my Brother and I did not have time to post today due to, well, I was a little busy.  I will post information later for how you can pay tribute to Jeff by donating is his name to their nonprofit volunteer organization through our site. We will present the donations to SSAR at our planned get together.
  • We will plan this get together in the coming weeks.  Lots to be done before that, but will keep you posted on this site as to date and place.  Maybe a big pot luck who knows.   As promised,  I plan to invite everyone to come help us celebrate all that Jeff has brought to us so I can personally shake your hand, hug you if that is ok, and meet the people that have helped changed my life, my family’s lives, for the better in so many ways.  Thank you for bringing new meaning to my brother’s passing.
  • I will write more in coming days about the heroes in my life that helped get me and my family through the last two weeks, and try to remember and express my thanks to all.  For now, this tired brother has to make up for 14 days of living a nightmare.  Thank God we were given a conclusion and can now wake up and celebrate all that Jeff has left us.
  • More to come.  Good night.  PS.  I am still not believing I am talking about Jeff in the past tense.  We love you Jeff.  I am going to miss you terribly Jeffeffrey.  You too Blue.

Updated to Site 08-08-12 3:45pm

  • My brother Jeffrey was found at the bottom of Salt River Canyon after a fatal truck crash. No word on Blue yet but it was not survivable by anyone. Please do not call family yet. I wanted everyone to know. I’ll update you later.

Updated to Site 08-08-12 12:45pm

  • CAP is patrolling heavily with 8 aircraft in flight today, confirming both routes from the valley to Show Low and apprx 1 mile on either side of the highways.  I was told they also patrolled last night with a quick flight along the rim before darkness set in.
  • County SAR coordinators are all notified and ready to respond to any sightings spotted from the air.
  • New intel for our computer forensic guru Rich who we are so fortunate to have on our team.  Jeff did a search on weather for Heber,AZ Tuesday night the 24th around 11pm.   That gives us some indication he was headed to the that area and may have never intended to go through Show Low, which also explains why the SL cameras did not pick him up.  Still unknown why Star Valley didn’t either but that is being checked into as well.  Thanks a million Rich.

Updated to Site 08-08-12 10:30am

  • Very quiet out there.  No emails.  Nothing to report.  I think everyone is waiting for the news from CAP.  Do they have any potential sightings to check out?  What areas are they checking, how many search personnel are involved?  Sorry guys, I don’t know.  And I trust that when it is time for me to know, they will tell me.  I put my faith in the Arizona CAP, just as I have put my faith in SSAR from the day they joined us.
  • Working up summary page for last 14 days but have to make the boss think I’m actually working too so won’t be able to work on it until tonight.

Updated to Site 08-08-12 8:00am

  • I am sure they are out there, one report of a low flying aircraft, guessing must be CAP action.  If anyone has seen them overhead out there, please report to this site or my email.
  • SSAR almost at 2nd vehicle location to check it out.  Several others have reported to me they are headed back up to continue ground search.

Updated to Site 08-08-12 6:00am

  • Commander Cooper (SSAR) and company on site at 5:15am.  Cleared one of the vehicle sightings from yesterday; White Ford.  Hey Robert, you probably slept less than I did.
  • They sent video; looks like a beautiful day for aerial today.  Let’s hope the weather holds all day.  SSAR keeping eyes peeled for CAP who are no doubt in air and near their search quadrants.
  • No information to report regarding where the CAP is searching; but they have all facts in evidence and hopefully facts I have yet to be aware of.  My propensity to share information on this site might make some people cautious about sharing too much information with me, and I understand if that is the case.  I hope they know I am true to my word and will keep any information released to me and deemed as proprietary to myself and not compromise the search efforts for Jeff.  Especially information that will help lead the rest of us to assisting in the search efforts.

Updated to Site 08-08-12 4:00am

  • Good morning friends and family.  Thought I would sleep well last night knowing the efforts we have all placed over the past 14 days have finally brought the attention that Jeff deserves.  I was wrong.  Up at 2:30 I knew that others were waking, or already set to task on the mission to Apache/Navajo/Gila/Pinal Counties and the continued efforts in search of my brother.
  • 14 days have blurred into one long 336 hour day.  I know there are details of our search I have forgotten to post; people heroic to this cause I have forgot to mention; countless caring souls from age 8 to 88 that have been helping in some way.  Through word of mouth, distributing flyers, printing flyers, publishing articles, calling everyone they could think of, pursuing out of the box ideas, obvious ideas, conducting individual searches throughout, keeping a look out for a white truck, a big white dog.  Many living this nightmare with us all day every day.  My mind is focused towards one goal, but I think of and remember each of you; every one of you whether I have taken heed on this site to mention you or not.  My life, and the life of my entire family, will be forever changed with memories of your kindness and compassion; as day 14 begins.
  • I know, my friends will tell me to keep to the facts and try not turn this into a diary of emotion.  Well that is hard to do sometimes.  I will do my best to continue my focus on the search and rescue efforts; report the updates as I get them in a professional and timely manner; and put the questions and frustrations of the past behind me for now.
  • We hope and pray for a happy discovery today; the safe return of Jeff & Blue; the end of this unending nightmare of the unknown.  We all are hopeful that the skills and experience of SSAR combined with our new allies, the Civil Air Patrol, can bring Jeff & Blue back to us before another sun sets.  And if necessary we will continue the efforts tomorrow.  So don’t give up on us folks.  Don’t assume good news.  Every day can bring new thoughts, new ideas, new search plans.
  • I promise after today I will update this site with a summary detail of the facts we know on a separate page so everyone can get caught up.  I will show a map of the search efforts on air and ground.  And soon, very soon, we will report on the discovery of where Jeff & Blue are, and the story of why they disappeared.
  • God’s Speed everyone.  Be safe out there and bring Jeff & Blue home to us.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 8:40pm

  • Last planned post of the night; and longest 2 weeks of my family’s life.  As hard as this is for me and my sister, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and heartache my parents are going through.  If this happened to my beautiful daughter…; I can only imagine the pain my parents are suffering right now.  Not trying to be too emotional guys, just have to tell you.  I know this site has been my reporting, and full of my feelings for my brother.  Imagine that times 1000 and know how my parents are feeling.  I love you Mom and Dad.
  • Ok, sorry for that tearful moment.  My family obviously have contact daily outside this site. But I haven’t mentioned them much publicly and felt like doing it tonight.
  • Tomorrow brings new hope.  In addition to the welcome addition to our search efforts from the CAP, search and rescue attempts continue with Robert Cooper and other dedicated souls from the Superstition Search and Rescue team.  Commander Cooper will be on site with others to follow up on our yet to be discovered leads from recent aerial sightings.  Bad weather and remote access from aerial patrols have contributed to the delayed confirmation of recent sightings.  Robert is heading up to personally check them out.  I don’t know how they do it.  Then again, not sure how we all do it either.
  • Chief Penrod of the Pinetop Fire Department has been over the top helpful since he first earned of our crisis in helping us with possible leads and sightings; and spreading the word.  Thank you Chief for joining our search efforts and caring so much.
  • Contributions for this effort are enormous.  Brandi, Alana, Robert, Michele, John and Heilo, Jeff , Rob, Tim, Lanser, Tracy, Rich, Lesley, James, Diana, Kate, Del, Robin, Bob, Tim, Daniel, Ivan,  Jeannie, Blue (no, not Jeff’s dog), my sweet Ashley, Luke and Alicia, Suzanne, Alan, Kelly, Jodi, Cyndi, the citizens of Show Low and surrounding communities, all family, all friends, friends of friends, the entire crew of SSAR I have yet to meet, omg I could rattle off names all night and never get sleep.  I am tired and know I have missed obvious shout outs. I really want to thank you all.  Everyone who has contributed is dear to my family’s heart and we will never forget your efforts now, and in future days ahead if necessary.
  • My apologies Blue (the dog this time) for all the concentration on Jeff .  We are looking for you too and know you will stay with Jeff no matter what.  Hold on, we’re coming.
  • Tomorrow can be the day we bring closure to this effort. Let’s find Jeff; find Blue; and bring them home.  Goodnight all.  Talk to you 8-8.  Day 14.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 5:30pm

  • Continuing my report from a long day. First note about PCSO.  I know I have mentioned about not getting return calls from the county, and that was true.  I did learn that the detective in charge, as well as his boss, were both off duty Saturday through Monday.  It was obviously frustrating for me as three days without a call from PCSO seemed like 3 weeks; plus I was told that the Detective’s hours were M-F, so when I called all day Monday I was frustrated that I did not hear back.  I believe on a third call I was told he was not scheduled in until Tuesday.  Anyway, I know everyone understands the emotion and frustration my family has been going through, as well as the added frustration from the lack of information we have been able to receive regarding my brother’s investigation by the county.  It seems that will not be the case anymore.
  • I am hoping for great news tomorrow.  The best of the best will be out there and I will hope for news of Jeff’s location; and pray that he is somehow safe and alive after all this time.  He is a survivor Mom, Dad, Sis.  Don’t give up hope.  If he can be found I know the CAP will do it.  This is what they train for, and all they do.
  • I will try to rest my brain for a minute and recall all of the other happenings I forgot to post today.  As I said, nonstop days get busier from day one to day 13.  Everyone please join me in praying for a conclusion to this nightmare of the unknown; and let’s make it a happy conclusion if at all humanly possible.
  • More to come.  Day 14 awaits us with brand new hope.  Once again I have been brought to tears by the kindness and compassion of people around me.  Thanks JL.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 5:00pm

  • Where to start?  First, Nonstop day (they get busier every day) has kept me from having time to post.  Sorry about that.  I will try to keep everyone up to speed more often when possible
  • CRITICALLY IMPORTANT RELEASE – PLEASE READ NOW  Civil Air Patrol will be flying all day tomorrow in search for Jeff, his truck and dog.  ALL PILOTS STAY OUT OF AIRSPACE WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8th.  The CAP will abort mission if any planes are in the area so please stay grounded and let them do their job.
  • I have posted other items below that I was writing up when I got the call.  We have the best team we could possibly hope for making the search for Jeff tomorrow.  Lets all hope and pray that tomorrow sees and end to our search.  THANK YOU CAP, and the man who made this all happen.  Actually all of the men, women and children who have made this happen- you guys.  Will post more after I release this critical info.
  • Senator McCain’s office called and expressed their deep concern for our situation.  Made several useful suggestions, talked to me at length and indicated they
  • PCSO called me to let me know that they flew the 60 corridor up to top of the world and beyond (sounds like a Star Trek moment).  They flew over all side roads, trail heads, and said they went beyond the county line, near Superior I believe he said.  Thank you PCSO for sharing that information with me.
  • Our 3 flights today became two; one had to be rescheduled at the last minute.  Lots of ground covered, and new territory eliminated from our initial search.
  • Still hoping to get choppers in for slower and lower detailed search of the places Jeff might have gone off the highway.
  • AZ Search and Rescue is consolidating all information from 4 counties to ascertain what has been done by each county in this case.  They are also looking into why it is taking so long to access personal records of my brother that could be instrumental in helping us know where to search.  It is my understanding that they cannot get those records themselves, but at least can find out what is taking so long.  Maybe they can give a nudge to the efforts being made.  Bless you AZS&R; and thank you for coming to our assistance.
  • I have been asked to provide a summary of our efforts to date; what we know; don’t know; etc., which is a great idea and as soon as I can I will be posted this on the Details page for everyone.  I’ll let you know when it is out there.
  • I will also be posting a rough map identifying the areas we have made search efforts in so others can find new places to look.  Understand that just because we have searched an area, does not mean it doesn’t need to be revisited or searched differently.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 2:50pm

  • I haven’t forgot all of you, really.  Not a free second here.  Promise to update as soon as possible.  Hang tight.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 12:40pm

  • Lots to update. No time just now.  Still looking for Jeff.  But we can stop the efforts to contact the highest authorities everyone.  Good job and my thanks to all of you. Your efforts have paid off. Arizona S&R is heavily involved now and doing all they can to piece everything together.  So let’s redirect our efforts back to locating anyone in the area that knows Jeff, or has had contact with him.
  • I’ll post more later.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 8:55am

  • Forgot to mention.  Countless volunteers have been reporting in to tell me they are out looking; where they are looking; and what areas they have canvassed.  This is so helpful and I apologize for not being able to mention each and every one of you individually at this time.
  • For those who are emailing me directly, I am passing on your info to search teams but please post your actions in the comments section of this site.  That way everyone will know where you have been and what you are doing to help.  I want everyone to know of all the efforts being made by the caring and incredibly wonderful people who are jumping in to help.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 8:5oam

  • Volunteer pilots from MCSO Sky Rangers hit the skies this morning along with other experienced SAR pilots.  I’ll update results as they come in.
  • Volunteer pilots Dan and Ivan have volunteered their planes and services free of charge to assist in our aerial efforts.  God bless you both for your extreme generosity.
  • I am told MCSO also have choppers available; we are checking into the availability of these as well.
  • Don’t worry boss, I am back to my real job after 2 weeks “vacation”.  It is important that I don’t let this effort interfere with the importance of others who depend on me.  I can sleep next year.  I will not stop my efforts for my search though people, so stay with us.  Let’s find Jeff.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 6:15am

  • One quick note.  After my posting I read a couple of emails from last night and this morning that warned me about committing a misdemeanor punishable by law for what I was requesting people to do by calling the sheriff offices (gee, wonder where those came from).  I want everyone to know that is not why I asked you to stop.   Our message was sent and it was time to move in another direction; up.  Besides, I think arresting me for this would actually help our cause, so come and get me guys.  If you can find me of course. lol.
  • Everyone who knows me knows I would never break the law on purpose.  Ok, maybe I would if it would help me gain information as to the whereabouts of my brother, but that wasn’t the case this time, nor have I done so to date.

Updated to Site 08-07-12 5:30am

  • My opinion.  I think it is time to leave Pinal County alone in our voice blast efforts.  At this point they have received our message strong (good job everyone).  I do not want to flood their phones and detract them from helping other citizens in need.  Just wanted to send a message and see if they could at least call me back.  And that we did, and that they did.  We also succeeded in garnering attention from all over.  Has it done any good?  Well time will tell.  So please, let’s concentrate our efforts now to higher levels of government for assistance.  PCSO is doing all they are capable of in finding my brother, so let them get back to the other citizens who need their help on a daily basis.
  • I do not want everyone blasting the other counties either.  Navajo, Apache and Gila CSO are well aware of our needs and “doing the best they can” with their limited resources.  Our message has reached higher levels and continues to; that’s where we need to concentrate next.  The county sheriff’s offices will not call out the CAP and they must have found a way in their minds and hearts to justify that it isn’t worth the time and expense.  It is easy for them to say “we don’t know where to look… it is such a large area…”;  but as we know that is not true.  Every place we look and every place we have help looking, is one less place we have to expend valuable time and resources searching, and one more step closer we are to finding Jeff.  With more help we could have easily and thoroughly canvassed the entire search area in a few days.
  • What next?  McCain’s office of course.  Got get him guys.  I know his compassion and understanding for human suffering and the decency in his heart and the heart of every American citizen will make him want to do whatever he can to assist in bringing a quick and happy ending to this seemingly unending search.  He just has to be made aware and I know he will come to assist.  He is a great man.
  • We continue the search on our own, just like the last 12 days.  Our volunteer force continues to grow, on the ground and in the air.  Three flights today with word from more volunteer pilots available for Wed and Thu if needed.
  • SSAR Commander Robert Cooper and his incredibly dedicated group who sacrifice their time and money on top of their real jobs are a blessing from heaven.  We would be so lost without your help.  Thank you so, all of you.
  • One or two volunteer chopper pilots would be an awesome addition to our party.  The planes are great for widespread search; the helos are need for more precise terrain searching.
  • Chopper pilots we need you too!  We are paying fuel costs plus lunch, what a deal. If we need to rent a chopper for an available pilot, we will do that too.  Hopefully we can find a company that will give us a break on the rental fee, any one out there in Payson, Mesa or Phoenix able to help with that?
  • Have new volunteers with past experience in SAR efforts.  That is awesome; we need more.  Retired from duty and bored with it all?  Come join the effort!  The pay sucks, but the benefits are priceless.
  • A new morning begins.  Let’s find that truck today.  Let’s find my brother.

Updated to Site 08-06-12 8:30pm

  • Tomorrow is lucky day 13 and we fill the skies.  Our site is attracting so much attention and I love everyone who is trying to help.  Again, sorry I have not been able to personally reply to every comment.  I do read them all and consider all ideas.  Hope you understand.
  • Jeff’s computer drives are being examined by a professional forensics team for any clues of his potential destination, or records of his Show Low area contacts.  Jeff was involved in sales transactions with his former employer in the SL area so maybe someone remembers working with him?  Shoot me an email if you do.
  • So we have the press, the county, and who knows who else monitoring this site now.  I hope the press helps keep this story alive.  It is so important to make everyone aware the search is not over and we have a lot more territory to cover.  Everyone has done an incredible job getting the word out.  Thank you.
  • Another day though eliminates even more territory from the possible area of Jeff’s disappearance.  That is the good news we can spin on every day that we find nothing.  We are getting closer to the truth.
  • When I started this site, I did not expect it would be up more than a few days.  Just wanted a place to update the search efforts and report the good news when we found Jeff.  Friends and even some distant family are still just discovering of his disappearance.  And they all have come to the aid of his family.  Says quite a lot about my brother.  He is so much nicer than his brother; better looking too.  My heart goes out to all who know him because I know you are missing him as much as I am.
  • I know the expense and time many of you are exerting to help in this effort.  My entire family is so grateful; so eternally grateful.
  • Like to send a shout out to my Godson and beautiful wife Alicia.   You guys lift my spirits daily and I love you dearly.
  • Signing off for tonight. ttyl.

Updated to Site 08-06-12 6:00pm

  • Forgot I had not reported on the truck sighting.  Crews were unable to find the vehicle yet; have not heard if it was weather or road related.  Our flights in morning will verify location and spot of Bob’s lead and we will be all over it.

Updated to Site 08-06-12  5:45pm

  • Ok, busy busy day.  My apologies to all for not getting this updated sooner.  I wish I had 8 hands. Never off the phone long enough to type. Where to start.
  • Search efforts:  We have volunteers searching the area West of Show Low, our new area of concentration.   John and Heilo did another thorough search of the area for us.  Poor Heilo need a good rest and to get her boyfriend back.
  • GOOD NEWS:  We have three flights going out early morning tomorrow.  One organized by SSAR, and two other from our newest members to the search party, the fabulous Sky Rangers from Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.  A wonderful volunteer group.  I’ll say it over and over, I can’t wait to thank you all one by one.
  • Pinal County called me to assure me they are doing all they can to find Jeff, “it is such a tough case”.  I was told that they have not made their search efforts public or contacted me with information because of the possibility that Jeff might be trying not to be found and they don’t want to alert him to what they are doing so they have a better chance at finding him.  No matter how I say that I can’t help but laugh. Watch out Jeff, they’re looking for you.
  • On a serious note, I had considered before sharing certain information here, that if there was a case of foul play that I might be alerting the people responsible.  I considered that heavily, believe me.  While I still have no reason to suspect it, if something did happen I would not want to jeopardize the sheriff’s ability to bring them to justice.  On that subject I understand the PCSO concern.  But I decided that alerting every person in the area to help find Jeff, and sharing information, was our best chance of finding him in time if he was lost or hurt and needed our help.  I just could not sit on my butt and wait for something to happen.
  • Pinal County has a scheduled flight up hwy 60 to the top of the world (south of Globe).  They tell me they are aware of the white truck and will let us know if they spot something.  Thanks PCSO for continuing your search efforts down your stretch of highway.  Can we please get the phone records now?
  • PHONE RECORDS:  Critical subject.  The Subpoena they have been trying to get for a week now I was told that I should not even know about it, and I cannot legally be told anything about it.  No clue can be given to me about when it might be signed by the judge and given to the phone company (or if it even exists), but they are aware of the critical and urgent nature of our situation for the health and safety of Jeff and doing their best to do their best as best they can best… I lost track of how many times that word was used.  Mr. Johnson unfortunately had to bear the brunt of my anger and disbelief of the lack of communication from the PCSO and from what appeared to me to be a lack of sufficient investigation in this case. But he did assure me they were doing their best, and much more than I was being made aware of, so I guess it must be true.
  • Listen Mr J, and the rest of PCSO.  I understand that you have done about all you can in your county, and in a serious comment, the efforts of several of your deputies and sergeants have been incredible.  Sergeant Sherwood, Deputy Teeples (did I spell that right),  and even many of the sympathetic people on Dispatch duty; your efforts have been strong and sincere and I want to thank you for all you have done in this investigation.  You even took AND returned my calls! That is not sarcasm everyone, I am serious in my praise.   I have nothing but the utmost respect for officers of the law.  But as I have been calling for 4 straight days and always having to leave a message, and never getting a call back, it tells me that wherever this case is in the system, it isn’t getting the attention it deserves.  And I apologize Mr Johnson if you think I am giving PCSO a bad rep or undeserved criticism.  On the contrary, I think I have been overly nice about the situation and tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.
  • Many of you have suggested that the family should be able to get their own subpoena for the phone records in a matter of hours.  We have legal help checking into that but probably not as simple as you think.  However, there is no reason the original subpoena should be bogged down like it is either.  Let’s hope our own efforts can expedite the process.
  • I will be honest; I actually hope PCSO’s unfounded and ludicrous suspicion that Jeff is purposefully avoiding being found turns out to be true.  That means he is alive and most probably safe and I will take that outcome however it comes.
  • And me?  Trying to keep this blog professional and informative, wish there was something stronger than espresso.  12 days eating, breathing, and a little sleeping this investigation and search with my family and friends going through the same.
  • Allow me to apologize to my clients who follow this.  I promise you I will get my mind back into work soon and give you all the attention you deserve.  I appreciate your patience and understanding and am especially grateful to my employees for holding down the fort and exerting extra efforts in my 12 day absence.  Come on Jeff, show yourself.
  • I’ll update more tonight.  Just had to get some stuff out there.  Looks like the search efforts are up to all of us.  Thanks for not giving up.

Updated to Site 08-06-12  12:00pm

Updated to Site 08-06-12  11:50am

  • NEW INTEL!  Pass on to all Robin reports Jeff’s front license plate is a big Blue star Dallas Cowboy plate.  Good info, thanks Robin.  I’ll update flyer.  It may be removed if truck was stolen or compromised, but a good giveaway for ID if not.

Updated to Site 08-06-12  11:30am

  • Lots to report.  Call in efforts to Sheriff office is helping.  Don’t stop.  Call every hour.  I need report on status of subpoena and why they won’t get the CAP involved.  800-352-3796
  • Weather is hindering flight efforts today but we have two volunteer pilots with 3rd spotter (one plane) launching at 6am tomorrow
  • New information from Richard at GBS printing in Show Low.  First, thank you Richard for all of your generosity printing our flyers.  Here is the latest (copy into browser address window)
  • News Richard gave us from someone who saw flyer;  he spotted a man 10 days ago driving a white dodge pickup quickly down dirt road in the pouring rain just NW of Show Low; found it odd to be driving so fast in those conditions.  We have two on scene checking the area.
  • This is close to the same area that Bob from Cavu Aviation reported what looked to be an abandoned truck.  He recalculated GPS and sent us google map to help locate his spotting.  Thanks again Bob.
  • JP and Heilo continue to track evidence of Blue in the Vern-MN area
  • Rob makes an excellent point.  If anyone locates the truck do not disturb anything in or around the vehicle.  Foot prints, paw prints, can be critical.  Please just report it to authorities.  That would be Dan Block, and then call the other authorities or I can.
  • Whole hearted thanks to Bishop Prast of the LDS church in SHow Low for graciously allowing us to use his parking facilities to setup base camp for Saturday’s operations.
  • Excellent Saturday report summary from Robert at SSAR to team:Thanks Team for the great turnout yesterday in Show Low. We set up Base Camp at the LDS church and deployed 9 field teams and several street teams. Based on the debrief records we cleared 22 square miles of land South of Vernon (Hwy60) and 15 miles to the North. One team confirmed that there was a white K-9 in the area by it’s prints and where it crawled under a fence leaving its white hair on the barbwire. Another team followed a unconfirmed large 5 inch K-9 print to get a direction of travel in case needed. We chased down 2 leads on Dodge pick-ups parked in remote areas. Teams drove from Show Low to Clay Springs via Hwy 260 clearing dirt roads, residential areas, business parking lots while hanging flyers and talking to the locals. A team cleared the Hwy from Springerville to St John and from Show Low to the Concho turnoff. There was a festival off the highway that was hit twice in  the day talking to everyone and handing out flyers. Flyers were left at about every business in the area including group mail boxes and the post office. I was really impressed when I learned that the street teams were approaching every person to inform them of our emergency, this alerted the town first hand and got the word out. Jeffs family has now issued a Reward and with your impact on the area the leads are coming it.Great Job Every One!!

Updated to Site 08-06-12  9:50am

Updated to Site 08-06-12  9:45am

  • Several calls to Pinal County Sheriff, Detective Hughey, Sergeant Agresta, asking to speak to any human being that can answer my questions.  Appears the entire PC sheriff’s department is on call, off duty, or somehow avoiding my calls.  Left messages with all indicating urgency to act on the subpoena for phone records.  Case# 120726039 with Pinal County 800-352-3796.  Keep calling everyone.
  • Calling all Sheriffs.  Only need one of you to step up where others have failed.  Please release authorization immediately!  For the record, I don’t even know if Pinal Cnty Sheriff is aware my brother is even missing.  Never been able to talk to him.  Sergeant Sherwood, come back to the case please.  I miss your efforts.

Updated to Site 08-06-12  9:00am

  • So little time to update; every day gets busier so have to keep it short
  • Channel 3 news picked up story; interviewed my Dad.  found this link but no link to video yet.
  • Pinetop Fire Chief Penrod contacted me today; said he was never notified; will light a fire under sheriffs.  He saw our flyer; good job everyone getting the word out.
  • Cell phone company anxiously awaiting subpoena for phone records so they can release what could be critical information in locating my brother.  Sounds like they desperately want to cooperate and will provide information immediately upon receipt of subpoena.  Way to go Cellular One!  Come on justice system.  Get a rush on!
  • Back with more when I can.  Nonstop on phone; let’s get everyone calling!  Calling all sheriffs.  Pinal Cty, Navajo, Apache, Gila.  We need CAP authorization now!

Updated to Site 08-06-12  7:30am

  • Post to volunteer Pilots.  If you are ready and willing to assist, I ask that you contact my email and provide type of aircraft available, minimum flight altitude and speed, weight limit for spotters, which airport you fly from, and what days you can assist.  ere he flies out of and when he can fly

Updated to Site 08-06-12  4:00am

  • Day 12.  I can’t believe I am saying that, day 12. I feel there must be something else I can do, we can do, to bring in the necessary planes and technology to find my brother’s vehicle, identify the exact location of his phone call, and identify the people he called throughout the week to see who he was meeting in/near Show Low.  The information is there and we will have it as soon as the “justice” system runs it course.  It pains me every day that the information has been available to us since day ONE!
  • So what will it take to get the Civil Air Patrol in action?  Here is what I am told:  A sheriff, the state emergency manager, or the air force can initiate the Civil Air Patrol.  Any one of those three can help find my brother before it is too late.  Any one of those three could have made the call several days ago to increase his chances of survival.
  • I have begged all 4 county sheriff’s departments multiple times to make that call.  I have not been able to talk directly to the sheriff of any of these counties; always a deputy, sergeant or detective.  Someone out there knows these sheriffs personal.  Please help me plead my case.  Please have them call me.  I will be trying again throughout the day.
  • My brother is a citizen of Apache Junction and falls under Pinal County Sheriffs office.  His case# is  120726039.  Let’s all call the sheriff 800-352-3796 until he responds.  I know the area we want to search is in 4 counties, including Pinal, but they opened the missing person’s case, finally issued the APB, and I am repeatedly told that they are the first ones who should make the call to CAP for the rescue of one of their residents.  Call dispatch at 800-352-3796 and ask to speak directly to the Sheriff.  I don’t want to tie up their staff from handling other citizens in need, so the sooner they respond the sooner we can stop calling them.  Let’s all pull together and call until the planes are overhead. Please help me in this.
  • We have covered lots of territory; have much more to check.
  • The known location of his last call between Heber and Show Low makes that a prime area to recheck.  It has been searched, but something could have been missed.  Some obscure spot he may have gone off the road and not been easily spotted maybe.
  • The area from Payson to Christopher Creek, his favorite area to run Blue, has been checked by many.  So we will be concentrating on the Christopher Creek to Heber section next.
  • SSAR continues efforts with as many volunteers as they can find; these people are sacrificing their time, their money, time from their families; all in an effort to find a man they have never met.  They have real jobs (like I used to) and the number of off time hours they contribute is just something I don’t know how to show my thanks.  The best I can say is to please consider including the SSAR in your annual contributions to charity.  The job they are doing is phenomenal.
  • John and Heilo, Tim F, Jeff M, and all others working tirelessly; camping out to continue the search relentlessly.  These are people I have never met; many of which have never met my brother.  Again, words cannot express my family’s gratitude to you.  You bring us all to tears daily with the efforts you are making.
  • I can’t begin to thank all of you who out on the streets, spreading the word, handing out flyers in the area.  Sorry to all who are making efforts like this that I haven’t had time to thank in every comment.  In the end I will seek you all out (electronically) and send my most sincere appreciation for helping bring this to a close.  For now, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • And lastly for this post, to The Press.  Still coming to our call to help spread the word; thank you for your efforts and time.  Please broadcast our plea to engage the CIVIL AIR PATROL in any way we can.  I know there are channels to take, I understand the CAP might be dying to come assist and is only waiting for someone to issue the order.  I know there is at least one man in this country (aside from the President) capable of executing that order immediately.  Give us the benefit of your compassion and common sense on this DAY 12 of our search.  Do the right thing please.  I know you will.  I know you care.

Updated to Site 08-05-12  6:30pm

  • Bob issued report of surveillance area and vehicle sightings from his search flight today.  Thanks again Bob.  Cavu Aviation in Payson, what a group.  My next flight to Grand Canyon is through you.
  • No word on possibility of helo search for tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • Ok, really wondering what’s up with my home State of Arizona.  The people are incredible as always, the government seems a bit slow. Still have faith they will surprise me now that we are approaching 2 weeks and have pinpointed where my brother must be.
  • Time to move this to a Federal level guys.  Who out there has contacts or knows how to contact search and rescue people at the Federal Level.  Congressman, Senators, Representatives.  Pull out your keyboards and lets start email blasting all of them for help.  Let’s get some national attention!  Anyone with email addresses please post in comments and we can start our barrage in a plea for assistance.  Yes it is a large area we are whittling away at, but to a squadron of S&R planes with imagery, it will be canvassed in no time.  Come on USA, you can even send me the bill!
  • What about the military?  I love those guys and thank them every day for serving our country; risking their lives to keep us safe.  I know they are all compassionate and caring souls.  Let’s tell them of our plight!
  • We need continued action from our followers and FaceBook posters.  You’re doing an incredible job spreading the word and suggesting new ideas and ways to find Jeff.  Keep it up, PLEASE!

Updated to Site 08-05-12  4:50pm

  • Sorry if I didn’t report, but the white vehicle reported by Bob was not found (he gave us GPS coordinates).  So either the truck moved since the fly over or our ground crews missed the sighting.  Reported sighting at lat: 34-deg 19.055′   lon: 110-deg 13.174′
  • More ground covered today; good work everyone.  The more we cover, the closer we are to finding Jeff.
  • Accessed Jeff’s voice mail finally.  Unfortunately all messages he had listened to were deleted; first message started with my Father’s first concerned call, followed by two dozen calls from concerned friends and family.
  • Attempted new access to his TracFone phone records.  No can do without a subpoena, and even if I pretended to be Jeff under penalty of perjury, they don’t mail records for 30 days and require picture of phone with IMEI number and other things I don’t have.  So waiting for subpoena from Pinal County and hoping once received the records can be accessed IMMEDIATELY.
  • Pinal County issued an APB on Jeff, today from what I can tell.  Only 11 days after his suspicious disappearance.
  • Master tracker Heilo, Blue’s best friend (I think they are more than friends), taking a much needed rest today.  If anyone can track those two, JP and Heilo can.

Updated to Site 08-05-12  2:30pm

  • My thanks to all the news stations who have covered our story on air and on their website, and those that continue to do so.
  • Jackee and crew at the Arizona Republic are following up with me personally to keep up to date and public interest in our story.  Hopefully with the reporting of such overwhelming generosity of people’s time, expense and selfless efforts, more will continue to come to our aid.
  • The government, Civil Air Patrol and others cannot offer assistance yet for some reason; but I am guessing they will join soon.   Not too late guys, always room for more to the party.  Meanwhile, we’re hoping Bob’s generous volunteer flight to answer our cry for help will inspire other pilots in Payson and Falcon Field at Mesa to do the same.
  • Check out Jackee’s latest at

Updated to Site 08-05-12  2:00pm

  • Dedicated friends, family and strangers continued to search the areas.
  • The good news with all of our efforts is that we are eliminating possible areas for Jeff’s location.  Every area we eliminate helps make our search area that much smaller.  Lots of water and critters out there so Jeff and Blue can stay alive and well and wait for our assistance.
  • Entire population up there seems to be coming to call, and concerned for finding my brother.  I Love you guys, keep up the great work spreading the word.  Every one of you strengthens our resolve and brings new hope to our family of bringing Jeff home.
  • More good news.  Bob from Cavu Aviation in Payson heard about our situation and elected to fly a search area on his own; not only canvassing a large array of open areas, but also turning in a few truck sightings.  One candidate west of Show Low that Rob is checking out now.  Thank you Bob for your heroic efforts.  Bob’s generosity to help at no cost is overwhelming.

Updated to Site 08-05-12  11:40am

  • Noticed I posted 11:10 update below 9:00am so many might not have seen it.  Anyway, here is what I know
  • Truck sighting appears to have been a International.  Eagle eye binocs from Green’s Peak identified by Rob H.  They are still going to check it on ground.
  • Air patrol for today canceled due to incoming weather and the only type of aircraft we were able to commission.  Attempting to rent chopper for tomorrow’s search.
  • Contacting lawyer to see if we can expedite phone records since I am Jeff’s Durable Power of Attorney.  They have to be able to release records to me at some point

Updated to Site 08-05-12  11:10am

  • Sorry everyone.  So busy with everything here.  no time to post yet. no news on truck.

Updated to Site 08-05-12  9:00am

  • Import note about AC Man:  The AC Man as I call him has done no wrong.  He is just someone in the area that knows my brother.  It is important that I talk to him.  We need to know if Jeff was on his way to meet him, and if so, if they ever met up.  This man can be a hero in helping us locate my brother or identify where he might have been when he got lost or in an accident.  I don’t want his money, and in fact will buy him another AC for his bedroom just for calling me.  Please Come Forward and contact me.  I promise your identity will NOT be released to the public by me.

Updated to Site 08-05-12  8:30am

  • New Hope and a possible sighting!  A white vehicle was spotted from Green’s Peak looking in the direction of our search area yesterday (bless you Sid and Sandy).  We are sending Rob to check it out and maybe drive to top of Peak for more precise location info.  He is about 90 minutes away.  They did not know about Jeff until they returned to their cabin in Pinetop and saw a news flash on and gave me a call.
  • The vehicle was described as being in a culdesac kind of area, and seemingly in the middle of nowhere and struck Sandy as odd.  They were looking SouthWest from the Peak when it was spotted
  • Anyone in area, please report in.  If you have opportunity to get to Green’s Peak, do it now, please.  A faster sighting of vehicle will help our ground crews check out this lead.

Updated to Site 08-05-12  7:15am

  • Good morning all.  Will update today’s search areas as soon as I make contact with SSAR
  • We will hopefully be able to contact pilots from Payson to engage on aerial patrol of entire search area.  Falcon Field, Mesa another good location.  Anyone who can assist in securing search planes is asked to help us out.  Money is not the issue.
  • We request all who want to assist and don’t know how they can; call Navajo, Apache, and Pinal County sheriff offices; call the news desks, call the Governor.  Help us plead for help, especially professional air search and rescue.  We aren’t looking for mass ground troops.  Just a day’s worth of low altitude, low speed recon work to scout the area and help us look for that abandoned vehicle.  Just ONE DAY; by the people who train for this every day and are experts at locating people.  You are out there.  Come to our assistance like so many others have, I beseech you.
  • I know my reports tend to get a little emotional some times and I know no one blames me.  But I am holding strong, and keeping hope.  I am focused 98% of the time, eating, sleeping, and even exercising, so don’t worry about me Mom, Dad and Sis.  I know you are staying strong with me and that helps us all.
  • Update to follow as soon as I have contact with SSAR.  Even they need to rest.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  6:15pm

  • Probably last post for tonight; wanted to let everyone know so you didn’t keep checking
  • Disappointing day I know as we all were hoping for some clue of Jeff’s whereabouts, but we accomplished alot.
  • Flyers were distributed to most every citizen in the area
  • Business all around show Low jumping in to print flyers, post in their windows and at their counters.  Thank you all the citizens of Show Low and surrounding areas for helping where and when you can.
  • Miles and miles of roads, back roads, trail heads were canvassed.
  • Search teams heading home will canvas the roads on their way home.
  • Areas are being eliminated from the possible search area, and while there are many square miles yet to be checked, with the help of everyone we’ve eliminated quite a few in the past two days.  Thank you all for your continued help.
  • It will be late by the time SSR crews get back to their homes before we start tomorrow’s search so no further updates tonight I imagine.  Probably start concentrating on the areas we haven’t reached between Heber and Christopher Creek.
  • Plan to get aerial plane search of all highways and nearby trail heads as soon as we can find the right search planes in Payson or out of Falcon Field in Mesa.  Still reaching out to anyone that can help.  There are people that do this for a living; for the State of AZ; for the counties.  Where are you guys?  We appear to be on our own but we will do what we need to and with everyone’s help we will succeed in finding Jeff.
  • Hoping the thousands of flyers we distributed will jog the memory of someone who knows something
  • It’s been a tough 10 days for all of us; I still can’t thank all of you enough who have participated in the search, and especially those who drove out to the area and helped Superstition SAR in their efforts.  SSAR; you are incredible. You are the best. Keep the ideas coming in folks and the suggestions rolling.  We are missing something and we will find it.
  • Have a good night.  I’ll update again early morning when I know what Sunday will bring.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  4:20pm

  • I know, everyone is as anxious as I am.  No truck at trailhead as reported.  I’ll know more after debrief.  On and off rain may take a while for search groups to convene at command center.  Will update all when I have more.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  3:45pm

  • Local authorities from across the counties are all putting forth incredible efforts to assist in our search.  My thanks to Navajo, Apache, and Gila counties, City of Show Low PD, White Mountain game and fish, Reservation authorities, Forestry rangers all counties, DPS, and of course Pinal County still in the mix.  Thanks for all you are doing.  I probably missed some other local authorities to thank.  Sorry if I did but I know of your efforts.  Thanks.
  • AIR SUPPORT-  I thought we would have it from CAP or otherwise since our last aerial search on Thursday.  I am back to financing air search operations.  Back looking for private pilots to help out.  Brandi, we had some pilots at Payson airport; can you see what kind of planes they have, if suitable for search missions (low flying, low speed, top wing construction).
  • News 12 called for phone interview; I told them I guessed we had 60-70 in the field plus local authorities.  I had heard 30-40 in the Jeep brigade.  Didn’t know if these are individual drivers or teams, plus the SSAR group and all the friends and family that shot up there.  I’ll get an accurate count later and share with everyone.  I made another plea for additional support, especially in the air.
  • Still no word on truck sighting.  Not sure if they got to it before the weather rolled in.  After debrief will let everyone know the plans for tomorrow.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  3:00pm

  • Channel 12 news called; asked if i could send him photos of the search efforts.  My immediate response was “you should hop in a chopper and come get them for yourself and help in the search efforts” but then I told him we appreciated any coverage and would see what I could do.  He has the press release I sent out and photos from this site.  If anyone has any photos of the search efforts, jeep brigade, SSAR team efforts, etc. please email them to me at
  • Storm rolling in so search crews are rapping it up for now.  Pass the word so no one is stuck when the weather comes in.
  • Some news to keep you hopeful.  Someone report a 4-door Dodge truck at a trail head near Pinetop (didn’t get mention of color).  They are checking it out now. Pinetop is on the way from McNary back to Show Low.  I’ll post as soon as I know anything else.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  1:45pm

  • Local companies stepping up to print hundreds and hundreds of flyers.  Thank you Safeway, Home Depot, and all other local businesses who I will thank when I hear your names.  I want all volunteers to keep track of expenses for any of this stuff so I can reimburse you.  Your time, and fuel, lodging, meals, I can’t fathom the number who are going out of pocket to help find my brother.  I will pay every one of you back, one way or another.  Meanwhile, you can email me any requests for reimbursement and I will keep it private.  It’s enough that you are doing all of this on your time without having to go out of pocket too.
  • When this is over and we have found my brother, we will have an enormous get together so I can thank all of you personally.  Will be awesome to meet you all.
  • Hang in there with me guys.  Don’t give up hope.  I still know my brother is alive, wherever he is, but if the opposite ever comes true, the closure from never knowing is worth all the efforts everyone is putting forth.  Thank you all.  Now where are the air troops?  Time to get back on the phone.
  • Ok, is it fliers or flyers.  I started with flyers, switched to fliers, now want to say pamphlets.  New “flyer” is available with website on it.  I didn’t think that was critical on the reward flyer, but changed my mind.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  1:15pm

  • AC Man update.  Realtor informs us that only 10% of the cabins in the area have AC.  So any cabin with AC could be AC Man.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  1:00pm

  • Wow, strangely quiet for last few minutes.  First time in 10 days.  Grabbed some nourishment and caffeine and updating the site.
  • Robert (SSAR) and crew are tirelessly combing the search areas for clues; will update everyone when I have a status report.  Rob H., thanks for all your efforts searching, getting fliers to the SSAR team and others.
  • Jeep brigade and volunteer people who drove up on my behalf also making incredible efforts to find Jeff.  Man who saw a white truck, dog in cage in bed, heading out of town, reported it in to us after he was in Safeway and saw the flier.  It was two hours after the sighting but still showing that the distribution of fliers is working.
  • No new clues to report, still searching computer records and accounts to find the mysterious AC Man.  Hope the subpoena for the cell phone records is responded to by Jeff’s carrier so we can view his incoming and outgoing calls for Wednesday and earlier.  WHen this is over I am staging an all out effort to change the stupid ass laws that made it take 8 days to get pieces of his cellular records, and even then data had to be obtained without going through the proper channels.  Notice officers, I did not say illegally.  I know everyone is bound by the laws that the State and Feds put in place, but give me a break on this one.  I don’t get it.
  • Ok, so now I am venting a little.  Guessing no one can blame me.  Back to task on hand.  Have new far fetched but possible ideas to follow up to solve the next piece of the puzzle.
  • Thanks everyone on the airwaves, family, friends, everyone still sacrificing their time, work day and weekends, to help us with our search.  Brandi, get some sleep, you’re making me look bad. 🙂
  • Anyone hear propellers overhead?  CAP coming on board?  News choppers?  Air force one maybe?  Emergency S&R? Anyone out there eating off of my tax dollars want to help with above ground Search?  It’s not too late guys, but it could be soon.  Help us Damnit!

Updated to Site 08-04-12  11:30am

  • Nonstop phone, email, text. little time to update, no time to read comments yet, so text me if urgent.  Text me again if I forget.  Needs lots of help remembering today.  Thanks
  • Talked to Sarg Amos at White River WMAT game and fish,  He was very helpful.  Gave him whole story; he is calling Navajo County to see why CAP has not been brought in yet.  Go Sergeant Amos!
  • New reward fliers being distributed.  Thanks to all for getting them printed, to Home Depot for offering their time and equipment, and everyone else helping out (I’ll get your names later, but Thank You!)
  • Any word on Jeep brigade relocating to our search areas?  Might be on FaceBook or comments, but haven’t been able to check.  Alana or family, please text me if you know something.
  • Anyone have any more feedback from the press?  FOX might send news crew this afternoon, and othe news groups going to join?
  • Stopping correction of typos, no time.  you’ll get the drift.
  • False alarm of Blue lookalike found in Apache Junction.  It was a girl though; Blue’s a boy.
  • Anyone heard from John P and Heilo?  Have they picked up the scent?  ANyone find tracks?  I know from a week ago sighting it will be tough, but we have some expert trackers out there.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  9:50am

  • Big festival happening now in Vernon.  Perfect time to hand out reward fliers.  Alana sent request to Great Business Solutions but no reply by email or phone yet so may not be open (yet).  If anyone knows where to print these, please advise.
  • New Reward Flyer for Show Low area  (having trouble with link, will fix later, just copy and paste the address into your browser.  Thanks.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  9:30am

  • CALL to all Jeep brigades.  We so appreciate your help.  I understand there is a large group of you currently scouting the area near Payson.  We really need help in the search area between Heber and Show Low.  Your assistance would be so greatly appreciated.  It is wonderful you are scouting a site he might have gone, but all evidence places Jeff in the search areas scouted by SSAR and we don;t have near enough people searching that area.  If you can please contact Robert Cooper of SSAR 480-250-9600 to coordinate your efforts.  I would be eternally grateful.  THANK YOU!

Updated to Site 08-04-12  8:30am

  • New REWARD flier for distributing throughout Search Area.  Arranging for printing location.  Will report soon where they can be picked up (once stores open)
  • SAFETY FIRST!  It has been reported that the Vernon to McNary area can be a dangerous place to encroach on private property.  Do not attempt to disturb people at their homes unless you are sure it is safe.  You can search for vehicle without disturbing resident privacy.  Activities in the area will make some property owners unfriendly with strange visitors.  So stay alert.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  7:30am

  • Following up on email blasts to news stations.  Fox said they will try to get crew up there early afternoon.  resources tied up in AM.  Alana jumping in early today with nonstop phone action.
  • Updated maps on site thanks to Lanser.  Not for ground use of course, but updates the search areas and other pertinent information.
  • Come on CBS and ABC.  Here is your chance to scoop FOX!
  • Continuing contacts with Reservation personel
  • Anxiously awaiting start of Operation JAB.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  6:00am

  • Espresso- check
  • Breakfast- Check
  • Note:  I finally changed the comments page to sort newest first.  I never go to that page as a user so didn’t notice it sorry.  My main concentration is on this efforts page
  • News media has been notified via email blasts; attempting to get news choppers to cover S&R mission and at the same time provide aerial support for our operations.  My family including Brandi, Alana and Michelle following up to make sure they get the word.  Hope to get coverage by late morning.  We’ll see how the press responds.
  • Operation JAB (Jeffrey Alan Block) begins at 0800.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  5:00am

  • Updated Map of Vernon – McNary – Show Low search area.  See Map page. Thanks Lanser.

Updated to Site 08-04-12  4:30am

  • Fresh, Alert, Ready.
  • Baby Bro to all listening:  New idea I’d like everyone monitoring this behind a desk to help.  Emailing and call all news stations,  FOX10, ABC15, CBS5. They all covered this story on air and on website.  We are launching huge ground search today with hundreds of volunteers giving their time, their equipment, their expense, all to save my Brother.  What a great and exciting news story to cover from a News Chopper, and imagine the story as they document the recovering of my brother alive after surviving 10 days in the woods.  Imagine the story when their News Chopper is the one that spots the white truck that leads the teams to the discovery.
  • Dozens, maybe over 100 jeeper community volunteers groups keep pouring into the scene;  massive Search and Rescue deployment headed by Robert Cooper of Superstition Search & Rescue. Well organized, full deployment, JP canine search, hunters, loggers, the entire community out in droves to help find my brother in time.  Deputies from Navajo, Apache, and Pinal County sheriff offices; Show Low PD; DPS;  All county Forestry services.  Dozens of volunteers driving up from the valley in 4-wheel drives, jeeps, off road vehicles.  People coming in from all over the country just to rent a vehicle and come help. What a sensational story to cover!
  • Pass those paragraphs, or your modified version of it, to all news and authorities who have choppers they can get on scene.  We can do this.
  • OMG I wish I was on the ground with you guys.  Hope you understand why I can’t be yet.  Hope you can feel my energy out there with each and every one of you.  Good Luck!
  • Baby Bro Out for now.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  9:20pm

  • Ok guys.  Tomorrow keep your eyes peeled for a guy in a cabin with two dogs, and a bug AC compressor outside.  He may know Jeff.
  • I know everyone is getting on edge more each day.  I am unable (physically impossible) to reply to the hundreds of comments and questions, and I apologize.  The blog here is important for me to keep everyone informed, and I update it on any free moment between all of the other work I am doing to help narrow the search area and find Jeff.  Please don’t get frustrated if I can’t get to everyone, or even most of you.  I see your questions and comments, and use them in my thought processes as I am sure everyone else does.  So keep them coming.   And know that while I see the ton of activity on Facebook (which I am grateful for), my attention is to this site primarily, so if you want to ask me something, please do it here.  I never used FaceBook until a week ago.  Thanks guys.
  • Sorry the blog maps are not more specific.  They are not meant to be used for the field, just a reference point.  But will try to update in morning so all can get an idea where their friends and loved ones are. is a good source everyone
  • Have a good night all.  I’m going for rest some needed rest.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  8:00pm

  • NOTE: Current Staging Information and all group broadcasts of information from Commander Cooper will be posted above site updates.  I will be available all day of course to post updates to ground teams from commander if requested.
  • Talked to Apache Co  deputy.  They do not have CAP.  Calling out to all volunteer air search and rescue personnel to assist in search.
  • Asked about contacting reservation authorities as Alana and others I believe has suggested.  Not sure if anyone followed up on this (I should have) but we should contact White River PD to inquire about the vehicle or sightings of Jeff and Blue.  Anyone know how to reach them?  I called but could not get through to an operator.  Can others try, I am off on other things again. 928-338-4346.  They are responsible for Fort Apache I am told.  I will call again in morning.
  • Get some rest team.  Tomorrow we hit the ground running.  Thank you all; volunteers every one of you.  I love this country.  I love you guys.
  • Thanks to all the deputies out there assisting as well; did not want to leave your contributions out of my thoughts.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  6:40pm

  • One more thought.  It was suggested that if Jeff wandered onto reservation land it is possible he was placed in jail there (the best scenario as my brother would say).  Is there any way to check this?  I guess with their own government they must have there own jails.  Any way to get word inside and find out?

Updated to Site 08-03-12  6:30pm

  • Ok.  The calm before the storm.  Search groups strategizing (not a word I know Daddy), camping out near search sites, ready to hit the ground running at 8am tomorrow.  Guess my feeling about finding Jeff may have been a day off.  Must be the moon.
  • Navajo County SO called me to say they have the DPS involved with them in the search; checking all roads in their county leading into Show Low, carefully searching for any vehicles that may have gone off the road.  They are fairly confident that Jeff never passed through Show Low due to the high tech license ID system in place all over town.  I still contend that there are things that could have obscured the plate, so I don’t rule out the possibility that he did pass through.  Not sure if the Star Valley and Globe license ID systems are the same as Show Low, maybe someone can confirm?  Because they claim he never passed through either.  We know he took the Payson route on his way to Show Low so he had to pass thru Star Valley.  We are not sure he made it as far as Globe on his way home.
  • PCSO has assigned the case to Detective Hughey who is reviewing the case and actively pursuing ways to help find my brother.  He seems very anxious to help in any way he can; just as Sergeant Sherwood and other PC deputies and sergeants have.  All three counties appear to be making strong efforts to locate him.  We still need the air patrol to come in and help, but Nav and PC Sheriff Offices don’t think we have narrowed the search area enough to warrant air support (you all know what I say about that!).  Apache County is still reviewing.  Come on Apache, help us find that big ass white truck!
  • Volunteer pilots; please help if you can.  Any planes capable of low altitude and low speed flight to canvas the area are welcome to coordinate with Robert at SSAR.  Any additional S&R operations should be coordinated thru Robert as well.  He is my lead commander on this operation and will know how to best coordinate all efforts.  Can’t wait to get him drunk when this is over and hear some awesome stories.
  • State of Arizona, where are you?  Please tell me we have enough evidence to warrant an all effort search!
  • So much I am sure I have forgotten.  Oh yes, one more thing.  Apache County businesses out there listening.  When my brother is rescued and recovers from his trauma, can one of you please give him a job!  Any one of you would be lucky to have such a hard working, dedicated and selfless employee working for you.  I know you’ll step up and give him a shot even at age 58.  Besides, he’ll be such a celebrity by then, think of the publicity! 🙂
  • Best of luck SSAR, family, friends, and all you people I have never met but hope to shake every one of your hands soon; and God’s speed.  Be safe; be alert; and bring my brother and Blue back safely.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  4:30pm

  • Forgot to mention. Man who may have had contact with my brother (AC Man I call him) and tell us more about if he saw him and when, I was told that he lives in a cabin and has two dogs ( as of early last year)
  • PLEASE NOTE:  This man has done nothing wrong.  He just knows Jeff and may have seen him the 25th and be able to tell us more to help locate my brother.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  4:00pm

Hey, forgive typos from here on in.  I am proofing very little.

  • More I forgot.  John P., an acquaintance of my brother, used to run into him at a park all the time and his beautiful dog Heilo and Blue were the best of friends.  John is heading to Blue sighting to see if she can pick up the sent and bring Blue out of hiding.  Then Blue can lead us to Jeff.  Find Jeff Blue, find Jeff!
  • One more shout out to my Mom, Sister (and family) and Dad.  They have been tireless in their efforts despite the horror we are all going through together.  OMG this is such a nightmare, I can’t wait until we all wake up.  Many other family members appearing from mid air too, I love you all.  Friends of friends, people I have never met, I would start naming you all but then would forget someone, so you know who you are.  And besides I’m tearing up again.  Got to get back to it.  This has to end soon. I’m running out of vacation days.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  3:30pm

  • Wish I could update as it happens but been a little busy as you can imagine.  We’ll make a movie out of this later, after we find Jeff safe and sound.
  • Efforts in full swing especially after confirming cell phone location.  Subpoena still coming so we can identify calls Jeff made to see if he contacted AC guy.
  • Navajo county, Apache County and Pinal county sheriffs all coming to the call as we are closing in.  Police Chief Smythe and his group in Show Low have been oh so cooperative from day one.  So many countless people hitting the roads to find Jeff and Blue I can’t mention them all, but check the comments, you’ll see who they are.
  • Robert Cooper and his group continue their incredibly untiring efforts to find Jeff.  I know they will never quit until he is located.
  • Still hoping to find person who bought AC from my brother.  It would have been a large unit as he was paid money up front and still owed $700.  Maybe someone could contact the local air conditioning companies for me; he might have had help hooking it up.  Would have been first part of 2011.
  • Article in Show Low newspaper; Apache Junction Newspaper and now on Show Low radio (thanks again Brandi).  I am sorry my brain is mush and I don’t recall who got the other articles run but prob in the comments.  Everyone- everything you do allows me and my family to do something else which makes this search so much more productive.  Keep it; we’re almost to him!
  • Fliers continue to be passed out.  Soon the entire populace will be looking and aware.  Find that truck; find that dog; find that bro!
  • ok, back to work.  Lots I missed I’m sure; other work to be done.  Hey, where is the Civil Air Patrol?  I think I hear their engines, are they close?

Updated to Site 08-03-12  1:20pm

  • REWARD OFFERED$2000 for information that leads us to  finding my brother Jeff in the Heber to Vernon area.  $5000 if you can lead us directly to him.   Based on the wolf sighting we are guessing he was somewhere between Vernon – McNary – Show Low.   If you know of his whereabouts, no questions asked, please let us know.
  • Navajo Cnty, Apache Cnty and Superstition Search and Rescue heavily involved in search.  Have requested that the county sheriffs both call for more air and ground support to help us locate Jeff or his truck.
  • I think I have not made time to mention it, but the Jeep Club (please tell me who you are) banded together and are combing the Heber to Show Low roads and backroads in the search.  I haven’t heard the numbers yet, but I know they are an incredible group. Thanks you guys.  Please identify yourselves or have your friends do so.
  • Heavy ground search continues in the same areas we identified to be searched for today.  We are on the right track.
  • Lots of help offered to find the AC person.  please know I am reading all your messages and reply when I can but I am quite busy today as you can imagine.
  • Keep up hope everyone!

Updated to Site 08-03-12  11:30am

  • Super news to report.  Through an anonymous source not affiliated with any of the carriers, we have identified the location of Jeff’s last phone call.  The call was placed somewhere between Heber and Pinedale.  This means Jeff did take the road to Show Low via Payson, and that our current search efforts are spot on based on the white wolf sighting near Vernon.
  • I am guessing based on Jeff’s time of call and estimated return time, that he had run Blue at his favorite spot near Christopher Creek, then continued up the road towards Show Low to collect on his debt.
  • The collection of this cellular information was a painful process and thank goodness we know people with good connections so we were able to finally get this critical information.  My thanks go out to my source for finally cracking the system.  I only wish you had been lucky enough to crack it sooner.
  • Please stop calling any of the carriers we were attempting to (AT&T, Verizon and Cellular One) and do not hold them at fault for being able to not help us.  It is our legal system that we need to hold at fault and find a way to keep the dissemination of critical life saving information from being a criminal act.
  • The information on the person who purchased the Air Conditioner somewhere this side of Vernon is the next lead we need to hone in on.  Hopefully word of mouth and fliers in the area will allow this person to call authorities at their earliest convenience so we can ascertain whether Jeff made contact with this person or not.  I urge this person to come forward, or anyone else with information as to his whereabouts.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  8:40am

  • Nonstop phone calls and computer/internet searches continue on this end.  Pinal Cnty case was given to Detective Hughey. I am in contact with Apache County Sheriff’s office.  Hoping the combined evidence can help then to release additional resources to search the area.
  • My thanks to Alana who has been stepping out above and beyond the call of duty, as I know many others are doing as well.  She contacted PC sheriff office last night, and they were so moved by her interest that they were planning to take me out of the loop and keep Alana apprised of any further developments.  Nice job Alana!  By the way, I asked them to please continue contacting me the lead person as I did not want information 2nd hand. lol.  Alana, you are going to heaven and get to take 20 people with you, you are such an angel.
  • Several people are heading to the area to assist with the search.  Hope to hear something about canine search groups.  If anyone knows of canine search dogs, volunteer or not, working the Apache Junction area, please let me know immediately.  I am still waiting for a reply for AC Sheriffs office.

Updated to Site 08-03-12  4:30am

  • Day 9; renewed energy; slept until 3:30! A new record for me.  And I know it sounds like the crazy hope of a desperate brother, but I know we are going to find him today.  I really sensed it just after I awoke.  And I pray he has been able to survive on the surroundings, proving to himself he is stronger than he thought.
  • We spotted his dog near Show Low (90% probability of that).   His last phone call was traced to a Show Low Cellular One company (100% sure of that).  His last phone call he told my Dad he was West of Show Low. (100% sure).  He was owed money by an unknown man near Show Low (100% sure).  And money was tight for Jeff, so if he had the opportunity to collect prior to his departure to Colorado with Dad the next morning,  even having to drive the 5 hr round trip, he would have made the trip (100%).  It doesn’t take a statistician to know the odds of Jeff and Blue being in the Show Low area are huge.
  • Looking for Man near Show Low who may have seen Jeff that night.  How can we find him?  Story from recently discovered facts:  Jeff sold a used air conditioner to a man near Show Low.  He delivered it on his way back from a business delivery to Vernon.  The man owed him $700 and Jeff has been attempting to collect since early 2011.  Fact:  Jeff mentioned he was making a quick trip to Show Low; something about $350 to my Dad on his last call; exactly 1/2 the amount owed to him.  Please help me find this person as he may know more information.  Was Jeff on his way to collect some of the money owed?  Did he have contact with my brother that day?  Did Jeff make it to his house and collect the money?  If so, what time did he leave to come back home?
  • HOW DO WE FIND THIS MAN?  Jeff’s cell phone (602-647-6047) was on Verizon service all of 2011.  There should be records still available and one of his (928) area code calls will lead us to this man.  If you are reading this site I beg you to call me and let me know if you have any information.  Or even none.  I do not want Jeff’s money; you can have it as a reward for information, even if you never spoke to him.  Just let me know this.  I want to find my brother.  Please call.
  • Verizon; please assist in this.  I am trying to access these records and need your help.  Will be checking with Apache County this morning to see if an emergency securing of this data is possible.
  • Anyone in the area, if you recall your friend or neighbor buying a used Air Conditioner a little over a year back, please contact us.  Without the phone records that Cellular One is refusing to release without a subpoena (which is in the works but could take days, weeks or even months before the records are released) you may be our only hope to find my brother who is so in need of help right now.
  • Now let’s go find Jeff.  We are so close.

Updated to Site 08-02-12  10:o0pm

  • Link with truck had bad url.  Somehow Michelle worked her magic and got it.  Suffice it to say, if the pdf sdoesn’t have the truck picture, it is wrong.  Michelle, please grab again, the picture size has minor change.  This is why I don’t stay up past 9 these days.  Because 3am comes way too soon.  Fixed link below (I hope).

Updated to Site 08-02-12  8:o0pm

Ok, had a bite to eat, ready to update the results of today’s search and our plans for tomorrow.

  • Helo team scouted hwy 60 Globe to Show low on way to Vernon-McNary wolf sighting area.  Meticulously searched, then returned via 60 to check out every vehicle that was off road into canyon.  All wreckage was old. No sign of Jeff’s Truck.
  • Great job by everyone distributing flyers.  Was pointed out to me that the Truck was not in our flyers and that is what we are looking for.  New flier has been posted for future printings.\dan\Jeff_Block_is_Missing_flyer_with_truck.pdf
  • Plans for tomorrow.  Volunteer Jeep Brigade (will post names when I know it) will cover the rugged territory West of Show Low to Heber.
  • SSAR deploying ground teams to thoroughly comb Wolf Sighting area where helo patrol was executed today.  Will be interviewing people and loggers when found; distributing flyers.  See map page of new search areas .
  • Have suggested using canine patrol to search the Vernon-McNary sighting area.  Robert checking on source, and I will be contacting Apache County sheriff to help secure leads to available canine patrols in area.  Robert can let my Dad know if they need access to Jeff’s house for clothing or other articles for scent.
  • This search area is difficult terrain.  Anyone thinking of helping with the search should be prepared to go in as a team (no single drivers please) and be well provisioned.  Knowledge of search area essential; coordinate with Robert Cooper before attempting search area. 480-250-9600
  • Attempting every trick in the book to secure critical phone number location information. Ready to tackle new day.  Will never give up hope.

Updated to Site 08-02-12  4:30pm

  • Help Please.  I am guessing the Pinal County Sheriff’s department is doing all they can with the resources at hand, but the only evidence we have obtained overwhelmingly points to the search area we have been combing, and it is time for them to call in the Civil Air Patrol, the AZ emergency Search & Rescue team, the National Guard, Satellite imagery, James Bond.  Whatever it takes.  The CAP and S&R teams cannot be deployed without an order from the Pinal County Sheriff and they refuse to make the call for some reason.  I beg everyone to call on our behalf and demand to know what is keeping them from pulling the trigger.  Call 1-800-352-3796 and ask to talk to the officer in charge of the missing person’s case for Jeff BlockCase # 120726039.  Maybe if we tie up their phone lines enough and show how many citizens are involved and concerned, they will release the Calvary.  Can you help Please?  I have done all I can with their office with no luck.  Maybe everyone can call the Governor’s office too.  Nancy, I know you have the number.  Please post it in the comments and I’ll post it here too.  Enough is Enough!

Updated to Site 08-02-12  3:20pm

  • New suggestion to contact local publications of small towns and see if we can run an ad or news story.  Any people local to the search areas able to help me with that?  Please reply if so otherwise I’ll get someone to start tracking them down.  Thanks.

Updated to Site 08-02-12  3:00pm

  • Helo team checked in.  Vernon area is pined in but easy to see through.  They flew low and followed most of the roads in and out. They also looked at every home in area for signs of vehicle.
  • On way up 60 they saw many vehicles over edge.  They will check every one of them on their way back.
  • No news on phone search still.  Cellular One will not release tower location data without a subpoena which Pinal Cnty has requested.  We have contacted Governor’s office to try to expedite.
  • Maybe everyone who wants to be heard can call or email the Governor and ask why a full scale emergency search and rescue response cannot be deployed at this point.  I’ll send contact info when I get it unless someone out there already has it.

Updated to Site 08-02-12  1:40pm

  • If you are on site, call Robert Cooper, Commander of SSR field ops for search area instructions; 480-250-9600.  Please also post to site or have someone email me directly so I know you are involved and can know who is where.  THANK YOU ALL!

Updated to Site 08-02-12  1:30pm

  • Massive array of support come out from everyone.  Chuck form the Arizona Trailblazers hiking Club and his friend Mike from a flying club are coordinating effort to put planes in the air to add to the search underway.  They are coordinating thru Robert Cooper at SSR.
  • Anyone who wants to volunteer time and search efforts in the area I am eternally grateful; please coordinate search efforts thru Robert so we make the best use of ground and air search teams.  OMG I wish I could be on site.
  • Still areas to search; Robert and his crew are the best and have been this for a long time.  If you are able to be anywhere North or South in search areas with a vehicle please email me for his contact info.  I will send him all volunteers in mass emails so he doesn’t get overrun with individual ones.
  • As soon as we find the vehicle we can deploy a massive air and ground search for Jeff and Blue.  Hang in there you two… We’re coming!

Updated to Site 08-02-12  5:30am

Sorry about the delayed update.  So much going on today with new leads last night.

  • A white wolf was spotted by a hunter between McNary and Vernon last Saturday morning.  He knew nothing of the missing person case, and by accident when telling the story of this rare sighting to some kids at a birthday party was overhead by someone who was aware.  She immediately made the connection and notified us.  New information received last night identifies a possible reason for Jeff to go to the Show Low area to collect on a debt.  I do not have the exact location to where Jeff might have been heading, but we are working on that.  All I know is that it would have been on his way back from Vernon.  I sent the hunter Blue’s picture and talked to him on the phone.  He said he had no tracking collar, seemed unafraid of him, and he was 90% sure it was Blue.
  • Lots of logging activity in the area right now so SSR plans to drive/hike in and interview loggers to see if they remember seeing the vehicle or dog.
  • SSR is manning a ground search up from AJ to town limits of Globe checking over roadways on both signs for signs of vehicle.  There are other people local to the area who are drive the trails and roads to help out.  Animal sighting was between McNary and Vernon.  He originally traveled on 224 road from McNary towards Vernon and was only a few miles from Vernon on 3 road headed towards 5 road when he saw the white animal he described as a wolf.
  • SSR contacted their pilot who has made himself available today (was previously unavailable until tomorrow).  He will fly the entire corridor up 60 from Globe to Vernon, do a thorough search over the Vernon area where white animal was spotted, then fly the other side of 60 on his way back.
  • I do not want all efforts to be concentrated on this new lead, but anyone in that area please concentrate your efforts in those areas.  Last week there was lots of water going on up there, easy for Jeff’s 2-wheel drive to get stuck, or slide off road.
  • Show Low PD have been notified along with Apache County Sheriff.
  • I’ll continue updating as time permits and new information is gathered.  We are concentrating our efforts on that area now, but also fully searching from Globe to the area.  While the traffic cams in Globe and Show Low show no record of Jeff’s license plate, he would have gone untraced if he was riding with his tailgate down which he sometimes did to save fuel.
  • Again, 1000 times over, the success of this mission has been because of every one of you doing what you can to help.  The response has been incredible. We will never forget any of you.

Updated to Site 08-02-12  5:30am

  • New Day; New Hope.  While search along Apache Junction to Globe is in effect this morning, with another aerial search tomorrow, a new lead might provide information of where to search next.  Awaiting more details before I release on web.  Just wanted everyone to know that every day brings more information that may lead to my brother’s safe return.
  • Please everyone, keep sending ideas, contributing your thoughts and efforts wherever possible.  I am convinced we are searching the right areas and that Jeff is somewhere in the area shown on the map page (initial search area at bottom of page).
  • Note to all of you wonderful people posting and conversing daily on FaceBook.  I wish I had time to review all of the hundreds of FaceBook postings about my missing brother.  I know everyone is looking and super concerned, and I just hope people don’t think I am ignoring their efforts because I don’t read and reply on Facebook.  Not familiar with its inner workings and no time to learn.  So I am reviewing email and website, all I have time for.  Hope everyone understands.  Keep the FaceBook conversations going.  They are bringing in lots of suggestions to the website, and I believe responsible for capturing the attention of the Superstition Search and Rescue team.  WHen things settle I will become a FaceBook pro and review all of the offsite efforts that are being made by you all.  Love you all for caring about my brother and family.  Please don’t stop.

Updated to Site 08-01-12  8:30pm

Sorry about the infrequent updates guys.  We continue to get new leads, which of course require hours of phone, email and internet search time.  Here is what I know, then signing off till early morning.

  • Superstition Search and Rescue (SSR), headed by Robert Cooper, continue to pour hours of time, money and equipment into the efforts to find my brother.  Thank you Robert and Crew.  Drinks on me when I get back to Arizona until the bar closes.
  • Have another volunteer pilot (David). The world is full of incredibly kind and generous people.  All flights are being made at the cost of fuel only by this pilot and the SSR group as well.  Again I am brought to tears by the generosity of total strangers.  Or maybe it’s because I miss my brother so much.  No, it’s both.
  • The Pinal Cnty Sheriff has contact with Show Low cell phone company that claims Jeff’s last call went thru their system.  Have not heard back, but this could help narrow the search.  Their territory stretches as far west as Payson.
  • We have decided not to use David’s generous offer for his plane tomorrow due to the aircraft type, but will instead concentrate our efforts (SSR efforts that is) with a thorough ground search of the area between Apache Junction and Globe.
  • We will do another aerial chopper search on Friday of the same area, and the road to Show Low as well.
  • Please consider donating funds to the Volunteers at the Superstition Search and Rescue team.  What a great team; a service the State of Arizona is fortunate to have.
  • And if I could, I would buy every one of a round for your efforts.  Thank you ever so much. We will not quit; we will find Jeff.  He is surviving wherever he is.
  • Lastly, discovered a new way to lose weight.  But don’t worry Mom, I’m taking care of myself as best I can.

Updated to Site 08-01-12  3:30pm

  • Team 1 chopper of S&R searched entire area from Payson to Show Low, concentrating on the first 20 mile stretch as well.  Re-fueled and went back for more intense search of the area we suspected he might be going. They continued search below Rim then followed 87 to lake turnoff where team two was.  Spoke to chopper crew, said visibility is excellent, barely needs glasses; good view of area so Jeff’s truck should pop out if out there.
  • Team Two searched Usery Pass to Hwy 87
  • Team of experts from three different sources trying to trace where Jeff’s last call from (for a week now) with no success.  The fourth expert, my Sister Nancy, has located a carrier out of Show Low where the call came through and we are following up on that which may reveal the area we need to concentrate on.  Pinal County sheriff office following up on that as I type.  Hopefully we get a clue so we can better search the right area.
  • Del (and someone else I think) reported Star Valley had camera systems.  I called and they have no record of Jeff’s truck passing thru that town, or any other town on their system.  And Globe is on their system.  So if this information is correct, Jeff never drove east of the Christopher Creek area (where Star Valley is) nor did he drive through Globe on his way to Show Low.  This is critical information.  Thanks Del.

Updated to Site 08-01-12  12:00pm

  • Helicopter with 2 professional search personnel have reached the Payson starting point (11am) and are performing search.  See map page for initial search area.
  • I contacted all 3 forest rangers in the area to notify them of the search and be on the lookout in case he got lost further inland.  Tonto, Apache Sitgraves and Coconino.  Thanks Robert for the suggestion.
  • Was suggested to also contact all local towing companies.  Brandi is on that as I type.
  • Received sheriff permission for company to run trace through a different source (not AT&T).  Waiting patiently for results of that.

Updated to Site 08-01-12  9:00am

  • GREAT NEWS! Robert from Superstition Search & Rescue called.  He has a chopper pilot lined up to fly today and friday if need be.  He has two spotters being picked up as we speak and they should be at the search area before 11am.  Weather permitting they will search as long as needed.  Starting with the area I marked on the latest map and extending down Hwy 260 if necessary.
  • Also have friend attempting to do what Pinal Sheriff could not, triangulate the cell phone position of last call based on ESN number.  If successful, we will have a better idea of where to start searching and may redirect the search crew accordingly.
  • Will execute small plane search along all highways tomorrow if today is unsuccessful.  Once we find his vehicle, the county has promised to release full blow search and rescue efforts.

Updated to Site 08-01-12  3:30am

  • Contacted last night by the commander of the Superstition Search & Rescue team; unfortunately I was passed out and did not hear phone.  Will talk to him first this am and update everyone on the efforts they plan to contribute to our search.  Exciting news.

Updated to Site 07-31-12  8:15pm

  • Preparation for aerial search of new area.  See Map page for more details.  Considering drone search (ideal solution) if I can land my hands on one.  My friends are incredible, and that includes everyone on this site.
  • One thing we know, Jeff was in cell range when he made the call at 2:52pm and said he was West of Show Low.  Anyone who drives that route (Payson to Show Low) can we find out where service is available in that stretch?  Sheriff tells me most of the Rim is without coverage.
  • Next idea: Invent a time machine and launch backwards in time one week.

Updated to Site 07-31-12  6:00pm

Updated to Site 07-31-12  4:00pm

  • Urgently Looking for volunteers in Payson area.  We plan to do an aerial search as soon as possible.  Have pilots and plane lined up, just need someone to fly lookout.  Preferably someone with good eyesight (binoculars can be purchased by and reimbursed to volunteer) who is familiar with the area.  I figure we will circle the 18 mile area btw Payson and the trail site Jeff frequents, and once combed, fly the route along 260 all the way to Show Low.  After that, time and fuel permitting, fly the route down the other highway back to Globe then over to Payson.
  • Also need volunteers to drive the highway and look for signs of a vehicle spin out, maybe check over ravines on the curves.  If you do this. please don’t put yourself in harms way and only pull over if safe to do so.  Just a slow drive by looking for signs of distress would be good as well.  The deputies are already doing this,and will continue to,  but extra eyes won’t hurt.  Same is true with the rest of the road from Payson to Show Low.
  • Please know I am dying to join the search at sight for my brother and will do so when we find some evidence.  But putting me on a flight back to Arizona, and then in the mountains where I am out of cellphone range and internet coverage would greatly curb the efforts I am able to do here at my desk.  And I don’t mean updating this website!  I know I better serve the cause by staying put until we find his vehicle.
  • Payson postal workers have been notified to keep an eye out for Jeff’s truck and dog on their routes
  • Mogollon and the Black Mesa Ranger Districts notified and given info.
  • Multiple efforts by locals being made to distribute flyers and FaceBook shares across the county.  Thank you so much.  Thank you everyone who is taking charge to contribute all they can to this search
  • Fox10 finally joined in and interviewed my Dad today.  You can catch it on the web at 5pm (I’ll post actual link to video when released) and also on air at 9 and 10 oclock news tonight.  ABC aired yesterday (Not sure how often it was repeated) and CBS was the first to the table.  My thanks to all the networks.  Now let’s bug them to keep running the news story multiple times per day until Jeff is found!

Updated to Site 07-31-12  2:30pm

  • Heard from a friend of a trail head that Jeff often took Blue to let him run.  About 18 miles east of Payson just past Christopher Creek.  Gives us another to concentrate on, though our search continues throughout the whole area.
  • Have contacted Gila County Sheriff now, and we are in process of contacting the other 3 counties in that area.  Such a shame they can’t work together and we have to go through this 5 times over.  Anyway, Sergeant Scott in Gila County has been very helpful since the initial call.  He has sent deputies along highway to all trail heads performing a detailed search looking for my brother’s vehicle or sign of his dog.  He assured me if the truck is found they would launch an immediate search and rescue coordination effort with all available resources.
  • We are contacting Payson airport to see what we can do for a low altitude flyover to search for the vehicle.  I don’t know why this is so hard to find, but again, anyway who thinks they can help please jump in and let me know.
  • Robin, Jeff’s dog walking friend, said Jeff was excited about his trip to Colorado.  His best friend (2nd to me of course :-)) Del said he was over Tuesday on Del’s birthday talking about the excitement of leaving to Colorado.  I don’t know what possessed Jeff to head to Show Low Wednesday night but it makes no sense that he would not contact us if he could.  My brother would call me if he was trying to escape for a while just so I could let my parents and sister know he was ok.  Something is wrong and Jeff needs our help.
  • Again, and again, my thanks to everyone who are sacrificing so much of their time to help us.  It never ceases to amaze me how people come together in crisis.  Your help and support takes such a burden off of us, we would be so much further behind in the search if we didn’t have all of your by our side.  We love you all.

Updated to Site 07-31-12  11:30am

  • NEW LEAD:  Jeff was walking his dog with a friend Tuesday night, said he was sad he couldn’t take Blue with him.  Said “maybe I’ll just take Blue up on the Rim and let him run free one last time before I leave him for 5 days”.  The RIM is the Mogollon Rim halfway between Payson and Show Low, and just as his last phone call stated, is directly West of Show Low.  So we have a new search area.  I have contacted Gila County sheriff’s office and they are sending patrol cars out to check the roads and trails for his truck.  They cannot instigate an aerial search unless they find the vehicle and know where to search.
  • I beseech anyone in the area to please help in our search.  I want to start with an aerial fly of the highway between Payson and the Rim.  It is very wooded and remote so not sure if it will be revealing but worth a try.  DPS has helicopters (anyone know someone in that department?).  Anyone else out there with the Civil Air Patrol, private pilots, etc.?  I am calling around but we are so time critical here I am reaching out for all the help I can get.

Updated to Site 07-31-12  7:00am

  • County sheriff cannot request AZ emergency services search and rescue.  Claims we don’t have enough evidence to indicate search area.  We are pursing our own aerial search and requesting anyone who knows pilots in the area, or contacts at Falcon Field in Mesa, or Payson Airport, to please contact me immediately.  The search are is shown on the Map page.

Updated to Site 07-31-12  5:00am

  • I am literally in tears of joy every day as I see everyone’s efforts to help find my brother.  Our small family of 4 has turned into a family of hundreds.  And each one of you posting the message, sending out flyers, phoning news agencies, hospitals, thinking up ideas that are missing from our efforts.  We are so grateful I wish I could send you all a big hug for your efforts.
  • Joe (my stepbrother) contacted news agencies and got quick replies.  We have been in touch daily with them, but this has helped raise the level of awareness and couldn’t hurt to give them a little kick in the ass.  Maybe if everyone continued to write to them daily, they will keep airing the story daily as well.  See station contact info below and add
  • All commercial AZ airports being checked for reservations for Jeff and cargo for his dog (easier to check due to privacy issues)
  • Jeff’s bank records are being monitored.  There has been no activity since the day before he went missing.  To my knowledge Jeff has no money, and his credit cards are not being used.  There is no evidence to indicate he purposefully wanted to get lost.  While we have tried to seek this as a possible reason he is missing we still have no solid reason to believe this was the case and are continuing our search efforts concentrated in the area between Apache Junction and Show Low (while still expanding our reach statewide and nationwide).
  • Not mentioned earlier so wanted to post: Jeff’s house was left with fans running, a couple of dirty dishes from an earlier meal, all of his personal documents still at home (birth certificate, title to his truck, check book).  His computer also left at home.  All indications he fully planned to return home that evening.
  • I’m pushing the county sheriff’s office more to get the AZ State Department of Emergency Services, Search and Rescue division on track for aerial search of the surrounding areas.

Updated to Site 07-30-12  8:00pm

  • ABC15 news just interviewed my Dad for TV broadcast on 10pm news and again in morning.  OK Fox10, it’s your turn.  They were first to step up to the plate, but last to get a hit I guess.
  • Preparing email blast to every known news station in the state of Arizona.  As soon as we collect all of the emails for the stations it will go out.
  • My 84 year old parents are kicking butt working on this from morning until night.  So is my young 61 year old sister.  Just wanted to do a shout out to them before I sign off on Jeff’s birthday.  Love you all more than coffee itself.

Updated to Site 07-30-12  6:06pm

Updated to Site 07-30-12  3:48pm

    • So appreciate everyone’s input, help and suggestions.  Many are being followed through with or have been.  Cell phone, if not mentioned earlier, cannot be pinged.  We have phone records but police could not identify location of last call from phone company.
    • The Block family consists of myself (Jeff’s Brother), his sister, mother and father.  We are doing all we can every minute of every day (so far my Boss is sympathetic) and could use as much help as possible because we have such limited resources.  So many have already done so and God bless you for that.  Anyone else who wants to jump in and help follow through on some of these great suggestion, please feel free.  If you are able to do something to execute on your suggestions, please email me at to see if we have already covered that (if not discussed in these notes) and I can give you the go ahead and also post here to let others know of your efforts.  Here are some ideas I would love anyone to volunteer some time to make these happen.
      • Any trucking companies who drive the highways in Arizona could be on the lookout.  Sight seeing helicopter or small plane charters could be given the word. etc.
      • Make a FaceBook page dedicated to Jeff being missing (Alana has offered to help with this one)
      • Post Missing Persons photos EVERYWHERE ie: gas stations, rest stops, trail heads, since he had a dog w him I would post at all animal shelters in the area.
      • Post info on
  • We are working with sheriff’s office and hope to engage the AZ state dept of emergency, Search & Rescue.  Their involvement can only be requested by the county sheriff and we still need a clue about where to start the search.
  • The Pinal County Sheriffs department and the entire Show Low police department have been stellar in their search efforts.  My thanks to both for the excellent job and responsive nature to this search.
  • Show Low PD have license scanning cameras at all entry points into town as well as at most intersections.   The chief of police checked archives from today back to July 1st and no match on Jeff’s vehicle was found.  So 99% sure he never entered Show Low.
  • NCIC national vehicle identification system has the truck license so any nationwide activity involving the vehicle (accident, theft, crime, abandonment) will be immediately flagged and reported to authorities.
  • We are monitoring bank account and credit cards, no activity the day of departure or any day since
  • Have contacted Falcon Field in Mesa, putting out word for private pilots to search the area.  We were able to receive same day satellite imagery and scanned both roads with no signs of a vehicle wrecked or abandoned off the highway so an aerial search of that area probably won’t reveal anything different.

Updated to Site 07-30-12  11:30am

  • Further investigation reveals that Jeff seldom gave much notice to his dog sitter so may not indicate anything that he had not arranged for sitting services yet.  It is very possible that he was waiting until the last minute to call them.  I didn’t want anyone assuming Jeff left his house with the intention of not returning.  Let’s keep looking for him.
  • Efforts are being made to secure a private investigator for his search, but we need one solid lead to know where to start looking.
  • Condition of Jeff’s house shows no indications of planned flight
  • We are still assuming his destination was Show Low and will keep on that only lead until we know more

Updated to Site 07-30-12  6am

  • A friend reported that the story has hit the airways on Channel 5; CBS; in Phoenix.  THANK YOU CBS!  We are still working on other networks to find the time for us.
  • Jeff had not yet arranged for his dog sitter to take care of his dog Blue while gone on the planned trip to Colorado.  It is possible he made other arrangements for Blue for Thursday but also possible he never intended on going to Colorado and is elsewhere in the State or with a friend. If anyone has information about arranged dog sitting services for Jeff Block starting Thursday, 7-26-12, please contact us immediately.
  • Our search escalates Statewide.  Tell everyone you know!

Updated to Site 07-29-12  6pm (below is summary of first 3 days before this site went public)

  • Pinal County Sheriff notified (07-25-12 10pm); filed missing persons report
  • Show Low Chief of police notified (07-25-12 by email 11pm; they responded immediately the next morning), they are making all efforts to monitor their license tracking system.  If the truck drives through Show Low, we will know it
  • Road from Apache Junction driven by my Dad and myself searching for any sign of his abandon truck or other signs of any accidents along the path
  • All area hospitals, jails, and even hotels being checked
  • Jeff’s computer records being thoroughly reviewed including emails, craig’s list accounts, bank records and anything else that could give a clue as to where he went and why he went there
  • Phone records are vague due to the type of phone he had, but we know the last call made was at 2:52pm to his Dad.  The police have as yet been unable to pinpoint the location of where that call was made.  Phone cannot be pinged when off and has no GPS.
  • His dog Blue was not micro-chipped; local animal shelters are being checked daily but we may not know where they all are.  Anyone local to the area please send knowledge of an animal shelter in your area!
  • All major news stations in the Phoenix area have been notified.  Fox and ABC are planning live interviews with Dad, who lives in Phoenix.  CBS says they will get involved as well.  Hoping to get TV coverage soon; been working on this for two days.  What’s with these networks!
  • Facebook links have been posted and are producing good results. Please post on all of your sites. Here is one that has lots of postings: or
  • Efforts being made to organize a search and rescue operation to low fly the road from Apache Junction to Show Low.  Anyone who knows a private pilot in the area with access to a small plane and wants to make a few extra bucks please have them contact us.

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